Hi, MIF, Adventure direction

So, dear MIF – I think I may have found a way round a knotty problem.

I’m considering allowing quest-adventure to come to my Protagonist.

One of my favourite books is: The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey. In it, Tey posits a theory that Richard the Third was a good guy. You can read about it here:


A modern-day (1951) police officer who is bed-bound with a broken leg, and bored out of his mind, distracts himself by delving into the alleged crimes of Richard the Third.

The adventure comes to the detective.

Today’s writing work has been in the shape of research. Step count at this moment: 8593.

I’m off to brainstorm this quest-adventure travelling into my Protagonist’s life.

I’ll let you know how I get on, tomorrow.

Love, Lita xx


Learning From Trees

Beautiful, as words of truth are always beautiful

The Little Mermaid

“There is a lot to learn from trees: their graceful free spirit when they fluidly sway in the breeze, their munificence when they open-heartedly give us shade and sustenance, their dauntlessness in the wildest and most tumultuous of storms, their endurance during a scathing drought and, in particular, their forbearance when we go about destroying them without a second thought.”

-The Little Mermaid, MMXVIII

Copyrights © 2016 The Little Mermaid. All Rights Reserved

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Hi, MIF, it’s my WA

I was conceived around the Winter Solstice 1945, at the end of WW2 and born in the Autumn of 1946. I’ve been an Earthling for almost 72 years. I’ve known my best beloved for 48 of them, and have been wed to him for 45 years, today. We don’t do big, flash stuff to celebrate. We prefer ‘uneventful’. We hug each other, have a laugh, and get on with the day.

My schedule:

  1. All the usual housekeeping stuff dotted throughout the day
  2. Typing up copious handwritten notes for the novel
  3. Fun time

I’ll swing by later to update you on steps and word count. On the word front, I can’t do worse than yesterday!


Lita xx


Today, I worked on ‘what will propel the protagonist across the threshold?’. I think I may have found the trigger, at last.

Step count at 6.15hours: 12,483.

Word count on computer? Only what you see here. My propulsion notes are handwritten.

I’m a bit knackered. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Lots of love


Lita xx


Hi, MIF, Checking in…Check this out!

As promised, here are the full living/writing accounts from yesterday. Yes, we have to add ‘include real life events that interrupt the flow of ink’ to the accountability list.

  1. The Scaffolders turned up (at long last – we’ve been waiting for them for over a week) and took down/took away the last of the exoskeleton at the back of the house.
  2. Phoned the painters who arrived tout de suite. I became the refreshment provider for a while.
  3. The painters are here as I write this, MIF, so there’s been some ‘rinse and repeat’ stuff on the refreshment front. They’re sanding down the front and back doors, so there’s been some stereophonic sneezing going on.
  4. A computer guru arrived – a day early – to sort out the mail program. Yep. Refreshments.
  5. A landscaping chappie is arriving in about half-an-hour, to assess the visibly crumbling retaining walls surrounding the decking. I can see the piggy bank quivering in terror. I have a mug and refilled kettle at the ready.
  6. I remembered to have some breakfast, earlier. I think one of my lovely mentors (Rachael Stephen) calls that ‘self-care’. She’s right. It was a bit yummy.
  7. On the writing front: I have been brainstorming some ideas related to the Protagonist’s and Villain/Antagonist’s motives.
  8. Checked email, and there was a reply from another mentor/guide, Jessica Brody. I asked for permission to include a link to a book she has written which is being released into the world on October 9th. Below is the link to pre-order and to receive a yummy gift for doing so – on the release date.

I use a whole bunch of methods to get the story in my head out onto paper, in some sort of coherent form. Save The Cat!® created by Blake Snyder, was something I found on the Net while I was stumbling around looking for help in organising my thoughts. Blake’s story beats – primarily movie-based – can be adapted to serve the novelist. Jessica Brody, a valuable STC! contributor – who has used the STC! story beats to write and publish novels of her own –  has written Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, to show us how to do it! Let joy abound. Here’s the link:


When you’ve checked that out, you might like to know that Jessica has created writing courses, which I’ve found to be fun, friendly, and motivating. She has many similar qualities to you, dear MIF. Here’s another link for you. Jessica tells us how Blake Snyder’s story beat method, saved her own novel-writing career. Enjoy, my cuddly MIF:


Lots of love,



Hi, MIF, I’m back!

I promise I wasn’t procrastinating, MIF. I wanted to know more about how to analyse the protagonist’s motive for going and getting what she needs and wants. In other words:


I found Rachael Stephen’s YouTube video about precisely this subject.  It’s awesome. And if that isn’t enough for you to check it out…IT HAS A LITTLE DOG IN IT! Admittedly, the sweet creature features in the out-takes, but still. Okay, MIF, you’re telling me with that tap on my shoulder that I’m procrastinating. Here’s the link. On YouTube, below the video Rachael has links to more of her awesome goodies! Right, MIF, I’m off to brainstorm what I’ve learnt. I’ll be back…

Hello, My Imaginary Friend…

I don’t have an accountability buddy. Not a live one. This morning, I chose you, My Imaginary Friend, to take on that role. Why you? I like the cut of your jib, MIF.

It’s 1025 hours, here in my neck of the woods.

I need to keep a daily account of my writing life. Your mission, MIF, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  1. Keep my spirits up when my courage fails
  2. Remind me why I started the novel
  3. Be my Confessor
  4. Tap me on the shoulder when procrastination comes a-knocking
  5. Listen to my rantings
  6. Accept without demur when I add things to this list, and most of all

I promise to be back here with today’s accounts.

Thank you, MIF, for being here. Heart, heart, kiss, kiss, hug, h… Okay, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Just checkin’.  See ya.