Bio: I write, read, think, write, love, write, live. Write. On this blog, I include links to real world awesome Writery People who act as guides, mentors, and allies.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Roz Morris @Roz_Morris

    Hi Eva! I saw you subscribed to RozMorris.wordpress.com – thanks!
    I just wanted to let you know that that’s a static site and doesn’t post new content very often, so you might never hear a peep from it again. But I have a monthly newsletter abot my writing and publishing life
    (I realise you’ll probably have to delete this because it’s not really on topic – I’m totally expecting that. I just couldn’t see another way to contact you.)
    All best – and I love your Avatar pic. Blackened fingernails from too much writing?

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    1. Evadene Post author

      Great to hear from you, Roz. 🙂 Certainly shan’t delete it. Evadene is the name of the Avatar a former character in the WIP. Some of her has been incorporated into the new protagonist who also likes the Goth style, blackened fingernails included! 😀

      Now I’m going to swing by your site, using that link, to sign up for your newsletter.

      Best wishes to you and yours.




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