Book Review: A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson

Trey Stone, Author

I don’t know how I ended up reading Bill Bryson. I think a colleague recommended him with something along the lines of: “You just have to read him!” I think I asked why; what kind of stuff he wrote and if my friend wanted to suggest any specific book but I just got the same kind of response: “Just read him! Any book – they’re all brilliant!” Well, I tend to trust my colleagues (at least the ones I like) so I figured such an all-encompassing recommendation must be worth something.

I never actively sought out one of his books. But I ended up with this one – A Walk In The Woods – when I came across an Audible sale. Still, I hadn’t heard of the title, just the name of the author and figured, Here’s my chance!

This book is about the Appalachian Trail (a pretty famous…

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