Elliott Downing’s Airplane Mode is one for your Must Read list

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode by Elliott Downing

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I remember the first time a familiar ad popped up in front of me on a social network site. I’d just bought something online that day, and there was an ad depicting the same item. At first, I thought it was an amusing coincidence. But then it happened again and again. A little worm of paranoia began to burrow it’s way into my brain.

Elliott Downing’s beautifully laid-out narrative suggests – in a more immediate than Orwellian way – that feelings of paranoia are not only justified, but warranted.

Without wasting words, Elliott vividly reveals a present-day world peopled with a handful of sensitively-drawn digital natives whose daily lives are driven by modern computer technology. Then he shows us, via our own human frailty and mimetic, head-in-the-sand nature, the frightening consequences of such a dependence.

Since I finished reading Elliot Downing’s excellent book, my mobile phone has been in airplane mode.

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