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Katy was my first favourite blogger. Always will be.

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I’ve been meaning to write a cheery blog post ever since I got back from my weekend away in Wales, and now here we are with nearly a week gone by, and no cheer.  That needs to be rectified, so it is definitely a case of better late than never.

My weekend away was blissful. Absolutely blissful.  We hit the road on Friday afternoon just as traffic was starting to build. As we were in no particular rush, we set the sat nav to ‘highways and byways’ and pootled along lanes, through villages with bizarre names and countryside straight out of a picture book. It was rather like driving out of the 21st century into medieval England. The late afternoon light, the laden orchards, the trees turning out their Autumn splendour made it just perfect, and we were already feeling holidayish by the time we arrived.

We stayed in a…

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