So, MIF, It’s Like This…

I am writing, today.  Honestly.  I’m just getting over a triple cluster hemiplegic migraine. It’s good to feel it fading at last. Beginning to feel human again.  Trouble is, this type of migraine robs me of language, sight, and feeling in some of my limbs – this time it affected my ability to walk. It presents as a stroke. The pain is [insert word that equates to ‘please let me die now’].

Here we are, five days after the first of the cluster struck me down with the force of Thor’s Hammer.  Notebook just there,

Notebook today 22 Sep 2018.jpg

in which I’ve sketched out a couple of scenes that may or may not appear in the final draft. Quite like the urgency in one of them. I enjoy thinking straight onto paper.

Lots of love

Lita xxx

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