NaNoWriMo on the Horizon …

There’s another link within that holds my favourite advice: “He gripped her hand in an even tighter grip.” Andrew reminds us that NaNo is not about beautiful prose.

Sly Twin Tiger

A warning: I’m going to vent a little in the first half of this blog posting, but I’m offering up some NaNoWriMo advice in the second half.

First, I want to mention something I’ve noticed about haters of NaNoWriMo. They just don’t get it. NaNoWriMo haters assume it’s about getting published. “Most NaNoWriMo participants never finish …” or “Never get published.”

Well, here’s something I’ve noticed about those nay-sayers:

  • They see writing as a chore. Sure writing isn’t easy, but just because it’s not easy, doesn’t mean it’s not fun. It’s about the joy of creating something new, not worrying about perfection. Get the corn cob out of your butt.
  • They keep saying it’s not a novel. No, it’s a rough draft for a potential novel. We know that. Quit thinking you’re opening up an epiphany to participants. And National Rough Draft Writing Month just doesn’t roll off…

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