Hi, MIF – Check this out…

So interesting! See link below my response to read an article written by Simon Horrocks, who creates awesome movies using a digital phone. He’s in good company.

I know money is a factor in any enterprise, but I’ve always felt the stratospheric realms of the so-called A-listers in the film industry hold to the assumption ‘the more money we chuck at it, the more people will buy the idea this is a blockbuster (and we’ll make a ton of gold).’ So we get all the crashing bells, diamond-studded whistles, and yummy faces and forms to distract us from the fact there is no attempt to tell us a story that will either resonate or truly entertain us.

When money is tight – whether deliberately (Soderbergh) or actually (the rest of us) – the writing has to be good, the story has to be sound; the plot and structure have to be solid – then the performances (the vision of the writer/creator still intact!) together with a small band of trusty allies, and this modern-ish idea of using the iPhone are free to come into their own to give us a memorable, entertaining human narrative that stays with us longer than (many current) “A list” films.

Onward, Simon and your band of heroes! 🙂




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