Hi, MIF, I need a Latin lover.

Or rather, I need a Latin scholar. I’m perfectly sure, though, that anyone who’s a Latin scholar is also a Latin lover.

In fact, now I come to think of it, MIF, I know a Latin scholar. I wonder if he’s still in Florence? A friend of mine knows him well. Note to self: contact friend tomorrow. (As if tomorrow wasn’t stuffed with people visiting us. Sigh.) I’ve created a Latin motto for a group of characters in the novel, you see, and I have to make sure the words don’t mean something deeply disgusting.

By the way, so far, the idea of bringing the adventure to the Protagonist seems to be working. Confining the story to one setting is helping me to focus on the narrative, instead of faffing about with physical journeys to this, that, and the other place – which was driving me bonkers.

Must get to bed, it’s coming up to midnight, and I have to be up early tomorrow, ‘cos there’s all sorts going on.

Word count: not a lot, still working out stuff on paper. Step count: Just under 8,000.

Love, Lita xx

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