Hello, My Imaginary Friend…

I don’t have an accountability buddy. Not a live one. This morning, I chose you, My Imaginary Friend, to take on that role. Why you? I like the cut of your jib, MIF.

It’s 1025 hours, here in my neck of the woods.

I need to keep a daily account of my writing life. Your mission, MIF, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  1. Keep my spirits up when my courage fails
  2. Remind me why I started the novel
  3. Be my Confessor
  4. Tap me on the shoulder when procrastination comes a-knocking
  5. Listen to my rantings
  6. Accept without demur when I add things to this list, and most of all

I promise to be back here with today’s accounts.

Thank you, MIF, for being here. Heart, heart, kiss, kiss, hug, h… Okay, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Just checkin’.  See ya.

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