News & a rant about hobby writing

Any advisers out there in Blogger World?

Anne Wheeler

First, I’ve mentioned this a few places, but I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. Asrian Skies was released almost a year, and on September 17, I’ve got some exciting news for its birthday. Want a hint? Here you go:


I’m pretty excited about this, so make sure you check my Facebook page on the morning of September 17 for the details!

Second, a little bit of a rant–about myself.

I’ve always been pretty clear about my family, job, and other hobbies (ok, travel) coming before writing. Family is obvious, my job is interesting and pays way better than writing, and traveling? Well, even delayed flights are less stressful than being an indie author.

But I’ve started feeling a little guilty about that. See, without cranking out multiple books a year, you can’t be a “successful” indie author. And we can argue what success means all day long…

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