Crazy, Colorful, Complicated Adjectives!

Check this out. So useful!

We all use adjectives to describe things clearly. But did you know adjectives must be in a specific order? Also, do you know when to use commas in between them? Is it the “beautiful tiny white rose” or the “tiny beautiful white rose” or the “tiny, beautiful, white rose?” (One of those is correct.) Let’s learn about these crazy adjectives! 🙂

First, here is the order in which you list adjectives:

  1. Quantity (four, a few, several)
  2. Opinion (delicious, charming, beautiful, lazy, soft, hard, thick, flimsy)
  3. Size (tall, huge, tiny)
  4. Age (old, young, new, ten-year-old)
  5. Shape
  6. Color
  7. Origin (Swedish, Chinese)
  8. Material (glass, wooden, cotton)
  9. Purpose or qualifier (sports [car])

So the correct order would be “beautiful tiny white rose” (opinion, size, color)

More examples:

* I saw two stunning antique Victorian brass candle holders. (quantity, opinion, age, origin, material)

* He owns a gorgeous new red Italian sports car…

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