My Hibiscus Tree- Wisdom Diaries

The most beautiful and poignant blog I’ve read this year. An ode to the spirit of trees.

Beyond... A Journey Within

Published in New York Spirit


My childhood hopped in my grandparents’ garden. The entry gate of the house was arched with fragrant white jasmine and pink Rangoon creeper flowers that curtained half of the outer wall. It was an identity for the house as there were no assigned numbers on that small street comprising of fifteen houses at that time. “That flower vine house”.

The small flowerbed inside had flowers, herbs, succulents and vegetables as per the season. In spring, it was full of colorful flowers that had the power to mesmerize anyone who saw it. There was a guava tree, Poinciana tree and a red hibiscus tree. I adored the hibiscus tree. So did the squirrels, bees, hornets, hummingbirds, sparrows and butterflies. I played games around him, talked to him and adorned him with lights on Diwali. He was the best friend amongst other plant friends. I used to…

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