Breaking Bread Blog 4

Even though it is the weekend, and I had physiotherapy yesterday (so disturbed sleep last night!) I was up at the same time as yesterday, and followed the same breakfast, chores, ready to write by 10am. Actually started at 9.45am and and hour later I had my 1000+ words written.
This is what I did: yesterday I dashed out fresher more energetic outline for the novel – concentrating on the main character, but touching on other important characters on the way. I kept my mind open and the critic turned off. Today, using those 1000 words, I took the first idea and expanded it using Kipling’s Six Serving Men. Each day, I shall continue to do this with the rest of the outline. I shan’t allow the critic in until I tidy up the result of this effort. And use it only to tidy up – not to stamp all over my seedlings. Then I plan to continue to ask the story questions in the same way, and so have the story grow exponentially.
This concentrated effort today yielded a surprise. Because my office chair is not comfortable, and my back is still sore, I had to move my writing space from study to sitting room: lots of potential distractions there. Not only was I able to plough through and keep focused, but also when my husband returned home from an errand, he came into the sitting room, started to speak, saw I was working, and left me alone to get on. Now that’s what I call support.
My first two days keeping to a writing schedule have been good! Bring on tomorrow.

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