Book Review: Vol’Jin by Michael A. Stackpole

For all you guys who love Warcraft, read Trey Stone’s review on Michael Stackpole’s book “Vol’Jin”


This is another book in the Warcraft universe, books which I’ve read quite a few of, and which I always love to review. If you want to check it out, my favorite is right here, and boy is it good.

I’m not going to get into too much detail about Warcraft, so if you don’t know what that is Google is your friend, but it’s based on some video games from the 90s, and the online game World of Warcraft has been one of the world’s most popular for a few years now. The gist of is that there’s two factions, The Alliance and The Horde, both composed of different races like humans, dwarves, orcs, and elves, and they fight each other.

This book is centered on the troll character Vol’Jin, as the title probably gives away, and his stay in Pandaria after being mortally wounded and left for dead…

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Writing More By Writing Less

Hope for us all.


My schedule has changed a lot recently. I’m trying to read more regularly, I play more guitar and accidentally joined a band, so I have to practice for that, and I’ve changed up my gym program. All of these thing, in combination with the normal, boring stuff like sleeping, eating, and going to a job that pays actual money, means that I don’t have as much time to write anymore.

I had to fix that.

I used to try and put aside a specific amount of time for writing. Not necessarily every day, but regularly. I’d say: “On these days, between these and these times, you’ll write.” It would look something like this:

  • Monday:        19:00 – 21:00
  • Wednesday:  17:00 – 18:00
  • Thursday:      19:00 – 20:30
  • Friday:           17:00 – 19:00
  • Saturday:       12:00 – 16:00
  • Sunday:          16:00 – 20:00

They might change a little bit from week to week, but…

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Writing Habits and the Arctic

A great update from a writer friend who’s in the Arctic.


Hey guys. Just a little update: the arctic is amazing. It’s cold (but surprisingly warm), it’s beautiful, it’s quiet, and it’s just overall fantastic. (I’m not overly fond of the midnight sun, but ah well.)

Of course, I miss my wife. A lot. She misses me too, but overall we’re doing pretty good. It’s different this time (we’ve lived apart before), and we’re handling it awesomely. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a bit rough some days.

When I’m not talking to her, I’m working, working out, or writing. I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, both through work and on my free time, but right now it’s mud season, and I haven’t had my rifle training yet. (Yes, that’s a thing, there’s polar bears here – you’re not allowed to leave town without at least one rifle in your party.)

So while I’m waiting for the…

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Book Review: On Writing by Stephen King

Great article, from Trey.


I’ve been a fan of Stephen King since before I started writing, almost since as long as I’ve been reading, even though I only recently started to read his stuff (I know, it’s weird). All of his great books, albeit in movie form, scared the shit out of me when I was younger, and I’m loving the remakes.

So far the only King books I’ve read are The Dark Tower series. Even though I feel like I’ve been a fan of King for ages, I’ve never read any of his stuff. I think I started IT ages ago, but I was daunted by how freakishly long it is, and put it away (I’ve bought a new copy and it’s just sitting here, waiting its turn).

But yeah, I read The Dark Tower and I realized I’m a fan of King’s writing as well. Other than the fact that I think…

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Book Review: Maderia’s Eclipse by Peter Woodrow

Ooh, this sounds exciting! Thanks for another great review – and the recommendation. Fantasy fiction is my thang [sic] 😉


After the death of King Grifo and the fall of the Avaelian kingdom, former solider Elstan now makes his living as a mercenary. Accompanied by his friend Venutius, they rack up coin by taking care of the occasional Minotaur, ogre, wolf, troll, or vampire. But when a stranger in a small town gives Elstan a gold coin to meet with an elven noble for a secret mission, Elstan’s life is turned upside down.

Straight out the gate I was really gripped by this book. The writing is intricate and beautiful, but concise and to the point. The best of both worlds. Woodrow’s writing will excite you, but never bore. The pacing is also really good, I hate drawn-out books, but this moves with purpose and intent, while still stopping long enough to smell the flowers. Immediately I was reminded of The Witcher series, the lone mercenary, wandering around living off…

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Getting Feedback From My Editor

Confidence booster!


A week ago I got my work back from my editor (finally!) after three-four weeks of waiting. I could have kept my work for longer myself, but I sent it to them as soon as I was ready, happy to have it off my hands for a while. I spent the time reading and relaxing, writing casually on some other projects, and that time has been absolutely gold. But I knew I was getting close to my editor getting back to me, so I was getting anxious.

Let me just say this: I’m an indie author, meaning I’m self-published and that I pay for my editor out of my own pocket. I know a lot of indie authors don’t work with editors, and many people can’t afford it which I understand, but I absolutely recommend it.

So I get the email. At this point I’ve already decided that I’m going…

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“Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock.” William Holman Hunt’s Light of the World.

Any creative work that expresses the artist’s spiritual response to a personal belief this powerfully, is an important reflection on the human condition. Great blog. Thank you.


(Click on images to enlarge them)

William Holman Hunt: Light of the World

“At every time and in every place God draws close to man. He calls together all men, scattered and divided by sin, into the unity of his family, the Church.”

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